Real Estate Management

We are now offering lots of different ways of manageing your real estate in Croatia that can save you money  in these tough times.

Lets face it if you have a home abroad or an investment property, you need to cut costs right now. One of the the first things to   get dropped can be  your property management. We believe this can cause more problems for your investment down the line and therefore we are now offering all the services you need at individual pricing, we are also offering free advertising of your holiday rental and showing you all the options open to you for advertising from free sites to paid ones.

You choose depending on how much you want to earn and spend.

We are happy to work alongside any property management agency to top up their services and lower your costs.

One of the problems facing property management companies is staffing of handymen plumbers electricians and cleaners and we are now specialising in supplying theses services direct to your agent or the owner.

During summer periods the problems can be insurmountable when on  a changeover day the agents cleaner doesnt appear, we aim to solve this problem in certain locations by supplying emergency staff.

During the winter if  you are on an island or out of the way, it can be tough to find good quality staff to deal with any issues that may arise in an emergency, we are also in a position to supply your agent, management company association, etc with the necessary emergency personnel.

Let us know or have your Management Company contact us for more information , refferals and costings

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