Advisory Services

We have a wide range of advisory services. mostly we deal with the activites that your lawyer doesn’t take  care of, for example, chasing Ministry for approvals, chasing general paperwork for land registry filing .Checking your tax status and applying for Oibs ( all citizens companies and foreigners with buisness in Croatia is obliged to have an OIB ) We can save you the time and stress of coming to Croatia and not knowing where to begin.

We send you the relevant paperrwork and we do the rest

All work related to land registry including title searches.We arrange letting licences , usage (compliance certs) permits, paperwork checks referrals to relevant bodies where necessary.

Research , in cases where a property is showing problems, or unresolved issues.We do the legwork  and report it  back to you, we also work with your lawyer to assist and resolve issues that may be taking longer than you expect

Our staff are highly trained professionals and we only use the expertise of trusted  professionals with proven track records to assist.


  1. I am experiancing a real delay obtaining my ministryof foreign affairs approval, can you advise how you are able to assist and costs please to do so.

    Many thanks


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