The new rental laws have finaly come into effect since February, 2009.

Foreigners do not have the right to rent residential property touristically, but they can rent residentially. They will still need to employ the services of a property management company to administer it, however !

In some cases if the property is in a residential zone but has a commercial licence it may e possible to rent. If you have a Company with  the necessary qualified personnell you can rent out without the need of a property management company, but most are employee property management agencies  as this saves on the adminisstration headaches and costs for the Company.

Private owners have more rights now and Ministry approvals are now not necessary to purchase property. This is great news. For those already in the system however, you will need to check with your business manager or lawyer to check the status of your approval

OIB numbers will be required to trade in any way and that includes in rental. Contact your Manager bookeeper or lawyer

Please ensure that if you are a coowner that you both have separate tax numbers for administration of payments from rentals. Even though in most cases they go into a joint account your tax numbers still need to be obtained

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  1. Private rental accommodation in Croatia. Direct contact with owners only!

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