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Tourist Tax for Tourists and Homeowners

Valued guests,
Registration and the payment of the tourist tax for domestic and foreign guests is mandatory according to the Tourist Tax Act and the Foreign Persons Act. Check whether you have been registered!

Article 3.

The tourist tax is not paid by:
1. children under age twelve,
2. blind and deaf persons and persons with disabilities,
3. participants of school trips organized by a school institution,
4. persons sent to a sanitarium for medical treatment by a health institution,
5. many-year permanent guests in a tourist settlement having contributed to the improvement of tourism, at the proposal by a local committee, and according to a special decision by the Tourist Board Council,
6. members of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defense, when they stay in an accommodation facility while performing official duties,
7. seasonal workers with registered stay in a tourist settlement,
8. passengers on a passenger ship in international navigation when the ship is anchored or moored in a port,
9. owners of an original old family home, acquired by inheritance from a person with permanent residence in the tourist settlement and members of his immediate family when they stay in such home.

Article 4.

Persons from 12 to 18 years of age pay the tourist tax reduced by 50%.

Article 5.

The owner from Article 2, Paragraph 1 of this Act and members of his immediate family pay the tourist tax reduced by 70%. In the sense of this Act, members of the immediate family of the owner of a house or a vacation flat are considered to be the spouse, children, step-children, adopted children, parents and adopters.

Article 6.

The tourist tax is paid for each realized overnight stay, unless stipulated differently by this Act. The tourist tax is also to be paid under the same conditions by foreign citizens. Provisions from Articles 5 and 12 of this Act do not apply to foreign citizens.


All owners of holiday homes and apartments are obliged to report their arrival  and all persons staying in the ir property during high season, within 24hrs and also to report their departure

Foreign citizens have to report their arrival anytime of year regardless of the season, pursuant to the aliens act

The owner and all occupants must pay sojourn tax by the numbe rof nights staying

The owner can opt for a lump sum payment  for himself and close family

Close family members are : spouses, direct lineage ancestors and descendants and their spouses, brothers and sisters and thier children and spouses, brothers and sisiters of parents  and thier children and spouses, adoptive parents and adopted children and their  spouses and stepchildren, stepmother and step father. You are obliged to show a proof of ownership  and affinity/kinship

The owner who decides to pay a lump sum  is obliged to pay up to July 15 of the current year

Sojourn tax

Tourist town ranking for two persons

(per person) is 45,00hrk and 20,00hrk for additional person

Preliminary provsisions on the sojourn tax lump sum payment or 70% discount rate in case of payment per overnight stays  apply to foreign  and Croatian citizens of states which are parties to the Eu Economic space agreement

Austria belgium denmark Finland  France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherland Portugal Spain Sweden Great Britain Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Latvia  Lithuania Hungary Malta Poland Slovakia Slovenia Iceland Lichtenstein Norway. The amount of Sojourn Tax  per day 70% discounted is 1.80hrk

This update was provided by the Sutivan Tourist Board, contact if you are unclear. Phone 021-638-357

Please feel free to add your comments or help us to stay up to date in differenet Municipalities


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