Posted by: croatianpropertymanagement | June 30, 2009



Today is Saint Peter’s day. As Supetar means Saint Peter  IT is natural this is day of the town.

Streets are full of people and children playing with almost forgotten toys.

Town smells of lamb on the spit, wine and sweets we haven’t tasted for long time as we are not making those sweets anymore.

This is the day when we remember the past as on every single corner is small shop with tools which we can’t even remember name neither the use.

There are hay forks, hacks, hoes, mattocks, picks, rakes, scythes, axes, pole axes, small wooden benches for youngest, wooden baskets, wooden canes, any these are only things which I know name of as there are many of them which I don’t know name.

It is funny how times pass us by and we realized how little we know of our own history.

I am nearly done with my work for today and I will enjoy in the pleasure of  good food and good wine.

This is benefit of having an office on main promenade as smells are coming though windows and doors teasing me.

I will share with you photos which I took. Well, if you can see you might be able to imagine taste of it  and maybe next year you will join us in some of the atmosphere.

Sutivan festivsl is coming soon


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