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The Trogir Cathedral

The cathedral of Sv. Lovre (Ivan) takes an important place among Trogir’s monuments, not only as a church, but also as a building on which, styles ranging from Romanesque to Baroque can be seen and which houses valuable artistry. The building of the cathedral started around 1200 and was finished in full in 1589, when the last storey of the bell tower was completed, which lasted almost two centuries. The first storey was built in Gothic style and is the work of Matija Gojković, the second storey has the characteristics of the Venetian Flower Gothic style of the 15th century, the third was finished at the end of the 16th century, while the fourth pyramidical storey is adorned by four Manneristic sculptures. The entry to the cathedral is through the forecourt, which has a baptismal font at the bottom of it and which is the work of Andrija Aleši. The western, Radovan’s portal inside the cathedral was completed in 1240 and has the year of building and the author’s name marked on it at the base of the lunette. By passing through the portal, we enter inside the three-nave church with narrow, Romanesque windows, and two semi-circular apsides on the eastern side, the central one holding the main altar and the work of craftsman Mavro, and wooden, choir chairs, the work of Ivan Budislavić from the 15th century. The first constructed organ from 1485 is the work of Father Urbin. One of the most magnificent parts of the church is the chapel of Ivan Orsinij, which has the role of a mausoleum and a church hall at the same time. In the cathedral’s sacristy – its treasures, the gold and silver artefacts that the church received during its centuries of existence, are on display. The floor above houses an extensive capitular library.

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