Posted by: croatianpropertymanagement | June 4, 2009

Kerum’s skyscrapers for Split

I have to say , many here are not happy Kerum became MAYOR of Split, but I for one am thrilled. It is a vote agsainst establishemnt and corruption which is always healthy. Normally in cases like thi its the underdog thrown in to take over and they usually run out of steam, in this case however, i see a future for all those investors past present and future.
Like him or loathe him, it doesnt matter the fact is he is bring ing Split up the ranks. His fabulous Joker mall, which even those that say he is uncouth and lacks in  finesse will still be seen shopping there or having coffee or simply going t to the great cinema that was badly needed in Split.
Those same people shop in his stores , take the work he supplies and will be dragged along kicking and screaming to his 5 star Hote, due to complete on the Split Riva any day now.l. Kerum is good for Split despite what the neysayers poopoo about.
Before the election he announced his latest plan which is to build his commercial centre. Excellent excellent excellent, the more Split moves up and forward the more investors  and local people will  enjoy and reap the rewards.
Follow this link to see his plan. – Great , great and great !

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