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Croatia At Odds With Itself. – Monday, 13th April 2009 at 4Hoteliers

Croatia At Odds With Itself. – Monday, 13th April 2009 at 4Hoteliers

This articel discusses the difficulties re rental, but in our opinion  is scaremongering as those of us professioanlly involved in sorting out these difficulties know that it is possible to reverse some of these decisions,LEGALLY and as far as large developers are concerned alot of them purchased on speculation through unregulated agents and unprofessional groups with their own interest at heart. ie commission.
 The systems are aligning with the Eu and the laws are good , the problem here is dodgy real estate agents selling property with paperwork that was as crooked as a broken big toe.
Some developments have no separation of units or usage permits, a good professional could tell you not to purchase but foreigners tended to be led along by smooth talking agents.
Thos foreigners left with properties that they cannot rent need to seek out a professional experienced in this area and have them comment rather than blogs and forums offering advice which only fuels what looks like a dodgy market.
Banks will only accept straight properties for mortgages, therefore its pretty clear regulations are in place.
Estate agents are now regulated and if your agent cannot show you their qualification walk away because what looks like a cheap deal will cost you dearly.
 Some residential units can actually have decisions overturned. If your property has no usage permit , location permit or any other paperwork that is holding up your position, contact us for a list of professionals thta can  offer professional surveys, by court appointed pros and also if you have a propety that has no separation of units , contact us to finalsie this  as the lawyers dopnt actually do this work in a speedy manner and can take years.
Blocks need an Association of owners and this way you can employ services that will a block rather than individual units, this is faster and cheaper and we are still fascinated that foreigners avoid this set up which is in place for owners safety. It is also chepeer form a maintenance point of view and the mmanagement company works well with other agencies offering internal unit management and letting. It suits everyone as one person is always at the property and cuts met anfd greet cost down. It must be set up according to the law and and we can provide the base for this set up easily and assist with the bank for the building fund. Our company is registered for this activity , which is another must, not just the local down the road. The building is also properly insured under this method and again is so cost saving we are still surprised no one wants to do it
One more thing is that where it may not be possible to rent touristically long term letting of 3 months upwards is possible.
We have contract templates to assist with this and have been doing it for two years for our clients.
The comment in this article regarding categorisation is not correct as the categorisation for foreigners is fair , it keeps a base standard for all rental properties. it is simple and staright forward when it is done by a professional and a mess when done on the cheap.
The only difficulty is the tax payment  and this is only difficult for the property management company holding the licence. This is being ironed out at present and the introduction of OIBS and new individual tax numbers helps. the pre season payment is not making any sense  unless th eproperty is bought for the season by a tour operator at a set fee. However, most tax offices recognise this and are flexible.

I hope this is helpful, but anyone looking to purchase in Croatia should not be put off by bad stories but use them to ensure thhey use the correct professional bodies and follow regulaitons. Croatia is a great investment and  personally even though the heartache of those before us is awful it is useful for new buyers not to fall into the same trap and to know what questions to ask.

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