Posted by: croatianpropertymanagement | April 12, 2009

Special Offers

· We have now signed a deal with Ryan Air offering discounted products to increase rental potential, contact the Brac office for more

· Document translation from Croatian to English and vice versa, we also offer translations in Russian, German, Swedish and Italian.

· Visit our office in Supetar and download your emails or use the internet at our new Internet Point on the Riva.

The Ciovo Office will be open  throughout the summer and we are currently looking at locations to offer internet access to our customers and their guests

· New cleaning service for both owners and the service providers available contact Brac office for Locations across the coast. Our cleaners are a Split based Company ensuring a staedy supply of cleaners even on the busiest changeover days. The more jobs they have the cheaper the service

· Driver available for transfers to Zadar airport

· Boat Transfers from Sutivan Supetar and Milna to Trogir Airport

· Building managers , janitors and the best value cleaning service for Ciovo and Brac,

Contact the Brac office for exact locations

Tenancy and building  committees set up, with common insurance and building funds

· Ministry checks

· Acquisition of usage permits and general building paperwork

· Communal tax  and utility bills  paid and names registered

· Companies for sale  and company set up service available

· Letting Licences changed to own name

· Company Procurist available

OIB numbers acquired if you are unable to come to Croatia

Great deals on packages and individual services

Keep a check on this blog by subscibing to our rss feed for free websites to increase your rental potential and reduce your costs


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