Posted by: croatianpropertymanagement | April 12, 2009

Balan on Ciovo

Any posts relating to BAlan are much appreciated. The saga of this property is still ongoing. Arcus are not gone just under a new guise. A foreign resident has sold his apt with great difficulty and at a huge price to him. It has become even more critical in regards to usage permit  and for everyone to band together as an Association. After 8 months this property finally sold to a Croatian. The problem that held up the sale was the BAnk would not accept the paperwork as it was clearly not straight. With the current economic climate the banks are , following the law and very strict guidelines.

Some of the owners that have not completed sales after three  years of waiting and are waiting for something to happen, need to check their status with their lawyer. It has come to our attention that at least two foreigners who may have paid upt 80% have had their properties sold on by the developer. If you find your are in this position or are another owner somewhere, let us know where you stand.
This is a residential complex and therfore if you are a foreigner and have not applied for a rental licence because of the issues that were complicating this, you will now find that you are unable to let touristically.
Contact us if you would like to be brought up to date on how you are affected and if you need legal assistance to put forward your case for compensation

Please post your comments and stories here so we can all share our experiences with those suffering similar fates



  1. Arcus that doesnt exist but does , recently held a meeting at BAlan, not as Arcus but as , well frankly , who knows. They have asked that all owners pay up ! I thought theyd gone ??? they made great noises about leaving and slamming the door on exit. Now that Honey Villas pulled out of the tender process, its amazing how these guys swoop back, begging for forgiveness. Honey Villas showed great integrity and we hope they will reconsider
    The Representative told Arcus to submit an offer and it would be considered amongst the other offers on the table for the contract. As their previous offer was well, dubious !! With Croatians being offered massively different rates to foreigners. No sign of correct paperwork and the rest.
    As certain foreign owners paid up alongside the Croatians that were offered deals, the situation has worsened.
    We hope that the representative will manage to keep control and the owners that paid up last year will see the light . The rep is very popular amongst the owners that oppose Arcus maybe he can convince HOney Villas to reconsider or at the very least find a reputable experienced Company not attached to Mr Zunec . We wish him luck.

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